About TWG-F&E

The Technical Working Group on Forestry and Environment (TWG-F&E) was established on 19 November 2004 to provide a mechanism for government-donor coordination for supporting and strengthening development activities within forestry and environment. In addition, TWG-F&E provides technical assistance to the Royal Government of Cambodia in identifying priority areas, harmonizing of activities, improving the utilization, mobilization of resources and support efforts to strengthen the sector’s capacity to contribute to economic growth.

TWG-F&E meetings are regularly called at least four (4) times per year. If necessary the Chairman and the Coordinator can at any time call for additional meetings. The TWG-F&E is assisted by a Secretariat who provides managerial and technical advice, and logical assistance to support and facilitate mandate fulfilment. This initiative originates from the DANIDA supported Cambodia Tree Seed Project. 

Terms of Reference
TWG-F&E: Chairman and Coordinator
  H.E. Chheng Kimsun   
Forestry Administration
Mobile Phone:  +855 12 671 222
E-mail : chheng.kimsun@yahoo.com

  Mr. Koen Everaert   
Attaché, European Union Delegation to the Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel: +855 23 216 996; +855 23 211 102 Ext 1126
Fax: +855 23 216 997
Mobile Phone:  +855 12 958 245
E-mail : koen.everaert@ec.europa.eu

TWG-F&E Secretariat Members
  Mr. Sok Srun   
TWG-F&E Coordinator
Tel: +855 23215034
Fax: +855 23215034
Mobile Phone:  012 940 936
E-mail : twgfe@wicam.com.kh

  Mr. Eang Savet   
Chief of Mekong Forestry Administration Inspectorate (STLFAI)Forestry Administration
Mobile Phone:  012915372
E-mail : savet2003@yahoo.com; eangsavet@wicam.com.kh

  Ms Chan Somaly   
Ministry of Environment
Mobile Phone:  012 851189
E-mail : somalychan@hotmail.com

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